St. George Island Beach – One of Florida’s Most Scenic Beaches

St. George Island Beach – One of Florida’s Most Scenic Beaches

St. George Island Beach

Driving along the “Forgotten Coast” of Florida’s panhandle on Gulf hugging Rt. 98 , you will see an island about four miles offshore between Carrabelle, and Apalachicola, Florida. In the distance the island looks uninhabited and wildly inviting. You are looking at St. George Island, Florida.

While the island is far from inhabited, St. George Island is devoid of high-rises, infinite t-shirt shops and congested traffic. The one attraction is a lighthouse that guided traders years ago.

The four mile long bridge to the island was completed in 2004 and has survived several hurricanes since. As you venture onto this 26 mile long strip of land, you realize this is not your normal beach town atmosphere. The resident homes are built along their private beaches. As you drive east the homes end and you head into Dr. Julian Bruce St. George Island State Park.

Another of Florida’s Wonders!

The St. George Island Park has the feeling of a windswept island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico – and that is what it is! Along the south shore is a nine mile beach that is nothing like the beaches you see in commercialized areas. The wind whips the sea oats and sand to form something new each day. The gulf laps the sandy white shore dumping shells and small invertebrates with each wave.


An Island In the Gulf

St. George Island Beach

Along the east end of the beach you can’t see man-made structures, just those that mother nature made. Gulf dependent birds are sometimes your only companion on the beach at St. George Island State Park. Most of the time the relative calm waters of the Gulf will provide the perfect swimming, fishing and kayaking venue.

If you like camping, hiking, biking and paddle boarding, the St. George Island State Park provides it all including a special fishing area on the very east end of the island. If you are looking for restaurants and bars, they will be a couple miles west on another part of the island. Bring a picnic and your own cooler for the total relaxing day.

The real focus is on the beach at St. George Island. This little patch of paradise has gotten national notice as one of the best beaches in the country and certainly deserves a high ranking as one of Florida’s Best Beaches. Rank St. George Island Beach up there in the top five in Florida’s best beaches.

The Lighthouse at St. George Island

Picture Perfect Beach

The Gulf Deposits Her Treasures

The Far East End of the Island is Great for Fishing

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